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3 Useful App Marketing Tips For Better Engagement

Smartphone Apps

There has been a steady rise in the growth of mobile applications over the years. This can be said to be in part influenced by the advent of various types of smartphones such as the iPhone and Android. The constant innovation used in the development of these smartphones has seen the demand for applications elevate thereby creating a market for app developers to sell their applications to a wider demographic. The iPhone alone has over 140,000 applications being released annually and this has made the app marketing industry a competitive one.

In the modern day market, phone manufacturers keep releasing stronger and more efficient phones that can handle just about any application that serves diverse purposes. As a result, application developers have been forced to create better applications that can cater to the need for useful apps in everyday life designed for just about any use. The app store of various phones is filled with different apps all by different developers but all serving the same purpose. With thousands of mobile applications demanding consumer attention, the question then becomes how does one compete?

It is not a hidden secret that there are a lot of app developers out there but only a few of them break out of the norm and actually make it. This is because the few that actually make it have harnessed the power of app marketing to improve the success chances of their app. The success of an app in the technology industry is not only reliant on its quality and efficiency but the ability of the developers to sell the app to consumers who in turn can make referrals or leave reviews thereby amassing a market. Below are some tips to employ when trying to market apps:

Marketing and Retargeting Experts

When it comes to marketing your app, all avenues have to be explored to improve the chances of reaching a wide market. One of such avenues is the use of marketing and retargeting experts in the mobile industry such as Liftoff. Liftoff is a platform that does not only focus on marketing apps but also aids in mobile user acquisition and re-engagement driving revenue from the app. With a tool like this, not only does your app get the chance to grow but it assists in getting users who are more likely to use the app for meaningful actions that require subscribing to a service or purchasing a product. This helps to drive up the revenue of the business.

Social Networking Sites For Increased Exposure

There are several popular social media sites used by the masses and what better way to get your product noticed than to spread awareness using such a medium? On sites like Twitter and Facebook, you can get individuals to test run the app and give their reviews online. Doing this gets the app talked about a gives it a viral presence. If people talk about your app on Twitter, you have automatic access to millions of users all over the world.

Build Hype Surrounding Your App

For apps, a lot of them get sold primarily on hype and if you get a certain amount of people interested before the release date, attention can be generated before it is even launched. To be able to drive up the hype and live up to the standards the hype has created, the app must live up to the expectations held or else it might end up being a failure.


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