Reasons To Use TimeTrex Workforce Management Software

Have you ever used workforce management software at your place of business? This can really change the productivity levels of your company. When you are able to track when your employees come, leave, and when they request time off, it can make your company run so much more smoothly. Some of the top companies produce software that can connect directly with iPads and tablet computers to provide facial recognition tracking. They can also do job costing, automate time and attendance, and provide many other features. One of the best companies in the world is TimeTrex. Here is an overview of what you can do if you would like to start working with this workforce management software company.

How Does Their Software Work?

Once everything is installed, you are going to see that it offers many different functions. It offers a time clock, a way of managing time and attendance, as well as scheduling and leave management. Job costing and expenses are also tallied, and this can also do payroll, HRM, and recruitment. There are several other components to the software which is used by a multitude of businesses around the world. You can chat with a sales representative to learn more, or you could simply visit their website. There are a couple aspects of this software that might be of interest to you.

Facial Recognition Timeclocks

This used to be something only seen in movies. However, it has become reality. There are facial recognition timeclocks, specifically biometric timeclocks, that can identify people that are checking in to work automatically. Even if they are wearing hats, glasses, or if they are not shaven, it will still be able to identify core features of their face. Once you have this installed, they can log their time at your company using their tablet computer or a separate system that you have installed at your facility.

Rules Based Time And Attendance

The next thing that you will want to do is track and monitor every employee that you have. This is integrated directly with the facial recognition timeclocks. This will provide you with true real-time timesheets, accruals and time banks. By doing so, you can accurately determine how much you will have to pay your employees based upon their actual time at work, and can also show proof if they are consistently showing up late and leaving early.

Payroll Processing In Just A Few Clicks

Finally, you can automate the entire payroll process by using the information that is gathered from the facial recognition timeclocks and rules based time and attendance software. It will know exactly what to pay each employee based upon how much time they have spent at your facility. Best of all, it will deduct everything that needs to be taken out of payroll legally. All of this is automated once the rules and parameters are set up. It’s a simple matter of clicking into the payroll section and processing those checks and deposits.

If you have never seen TimeTrex software before, you should spend a little bit of time on their website. They offer the best workforce management software that exist today. You will feel as if you have moved your company directly into the middle of the 21st century using this state-of-the-art software and technology. You can call a representative to speak with them, or simply chat with them online. You can also contact them by email. Once everything is set up, you will wonder why you never used this type of technology before. Find out more about TimeTrex today.